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Breast Cancer Rehabilitation - by Hennie Ng, PT

Breast Cancer Rehabilitation - At Your Home, In Our Clinic, Virtual Care Online!

Services offered by Hennie Ng, Registered Physical Therapist, Women's Health & Pelvic Floor Therapist

📌 Post Mastectomy Rehab is designed tofacilitate recovery post surgery, restore range of motion, strength, prevent post op complication including scar adhesion and lymphedema.

📌 Ongoing Breast Cancer Rehab includes breathing training, lymphedema education, functional activity education, manual therapy, scar management and exercise prescriptions.

📌 Post op physical therapy should begin first day post surgery. Early stage of rehab includes gentle range of motion and circulatory exercises. Active stretching exercises can begin when drains are removed and should be continued until full range of motion is restored.

📌 Hennie has years of clinical experience as a Physical Therapist and is trained in Pelvic Health and Cancer Rehabilitation. Her areas of practice include Seniors Health, Women’s Health, Cancer Rehab, Post-Surgical Rehab, etc. She is especially passionate about Women’s Health and Pelvic Health. She offers Breast Cancer rehab as part of her Women’s Health Physical Therapy practice, and can see you either at your home and at Lee’s Physiotherapy Clinic!

📌 Call 604-332-6034 to schedule a home visit or call 604 428-7082 to schedule a clinic visit!

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