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Celebrating 12 years as a Physiotherapist

Happy Twenty Twenty Two! Yes, it’s 2022! Can’t believe year 2022 marks my 12th year serving YOU as a physiotherapist, locally in Richmond and Vancouver! It’s been a privilege working with all of YOU in the past 12 years! Thank you so much for your support and trust!

To celebrate my 12 years in practice, I would like to share with you my printable trackers that you can download for FREE from my website at Use them as your daily health planner, put them on your fridge, use them to accomplish your new year goals!

Need some help on completing your health tracker? Book an appointment with me!

I look forward to supporting your physiotherapy and wellness goals, at your home, in our clinic or virtual care online! Orthopaedics, Pre/postnatal Pelvic Health - Cancer Rehab - Chronic Pain Management. Richmond, Vancouver, BC. Women’s Health and Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy Service by Hennie.


Master of Physical Therapy, B.Sc. (Honours), Orthopedic, Women's Health,

Pelvic Floor, Home Care Therapist

Certified in Acupuncture, PfilAtes, Mindfulness-Based Pain Relief Therapy

🆑Check out my website at for more details and online bookings!

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